February 25th Bracket

East   Midwest
1 Duke 1 Indiana
16 Charleston Southern/Savannah St 16 Robert Morris/Southern
Philadelphia Lexington
8 St Louis 8 NC State
9 Pittsburgh 9 VCU
4 Kansas St 4 Oklahoma St
13 Akron   Louisiana Tech
Kansas City San Jose
5 Wisconsin 5 Marquette
12 Creighton 12 St Marys/Alabama
3 Louisville 3 Georgetown
14 South Dakota St 14 Harvard
Dayton Dayton
6 Oklahoma 6 UNLV
11 Missouri 11 Iowa St
7 Oregon 7 Illinois
10 Middle Tenn St 10 California
Detroit Lexington
2 Michigan St 2 Florida
15 Loyola (MD) 15 Fla Gulf Coast
West South
1 Kansas 1 Miami (FL)
16 Montana 16 Long Beach St
Kansas City Philadelphia
8 Notre Dame 8 Wichita St
9 Colorado St 9 Kentucky
4 Ohio St 4 Syracuse
13 Stephen F Austin 13 Bucknell
Austin San Jose
5 Memphis 5 UCLA
12 La Salle/Virginia 12 Temple
3 Gonzaga 3 New Mexico
14 Detroit 14 Davidson
Salt Lake City Austin
6 Minnesota 6 Butler
11 Cincinnati 11 Villanova
7 North Carolina 7 Colorado
10 San Diego St 10 Belmont
Salt Lake City Detroit
2 Arizona 2 Michigan
15 Stony Brook 15 Northeastern
  In the Mix In Today Out Today   By Conference
  Southern Miss Virginia Southern Miss   Big East – 8
  Tennessee       Big Ten – 7
  Mississippi       Pac 12 – 5
  Arkansas       Big 12 – 5
  Arizona St       Atlantic 10 – 5
  Maryland       ACC – 5
  Massachusetts       SEC – 4
  Boise St       MWC – 4
  BYU       MVC – 2
  Charlotte       WCC – 2

  1. #1 by dolladollabillball on February 25, 2013 - 9:44 AM

    Kentucky in, maybe. An 8-seed, I don’t see it. I know it’s a formula, but why do you have them as an 8 when so many other brackets have them barely getting in?

  2. #2 by GJE on February 25, 2013 - 5:48 PM

    I have them as the last #9 seed. I think the big difference from my rankings and what I see from the other brackets is that I take into account conference record, while I think most others do not. My formula gives a bonus for a good conference record in one of the power conferences. If the power conference is weak enough, like the Pac-12 the last 2 years, then I don’t include it as a power conference. I may yet do that with the SEC this season, but haven’t as of yet.

    There is a correlation between conference record and whether a team from a power conference gets a bid. The committee chairmen have said in previous years that they need a good reason to take a team over another team that finished ahead of them in the same conference. Right now, Kentucky is 10-4 in the conference, so that’s what has them rated so highly in my rankings.

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