March 11th Morning Update

I’ve run through scenarios with both Ohio State and Michigan State winning today’s Big 10 championship game.  First of all, Missouri has surpassed Kansas in the S Curve rankings.  When Michigan State wins, they pass Missouri by the slightest of margins.  When Ohio State wins, they remain behind Missouri.  Because of this, I’m going to keep Missouri as a #1 seed.  The winner of the Big 10 championship will be the #2 in the West, the same region as Missouri.  The loser will be #2 in the Midwest, where Kentucky is the #1 seed.

For the scenario where St. Bonaventure wins the A-10 championship, even though Washington is the lowest at-large team in the S Curve rankings, I don’t see any way Oregon would be picked ahead of them.  I will take Oregon out of the field in the case of a St. Bonaventure win.

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