Bracket Notes – Last 4 Teams In Still Have Work to do

None of the last 4 teams in today’s bracket will likely make it to the tournament without winning games this week.  Here’s the breakdown:

VCU is not a viable at-large candidate.  They have too many losses and their schedule has been too weak.  They need to win tonight to get into the tournament.

Colorado has the worst RPI of all the at-large teams in today’s bracket.  In fact, their RPI ranking of 77 would be the worst of any at-large team in the tournament’s history.  Colorado likely needs 2 wins in the Big 12 tournament to make the Big Dance.

Penn State has one of the strongest schedules in the country, but their record of 16-13 is not good enough to be a tournament team.  I don’t think 17-14 will be good enough either so they probably have to win 2 games in the Big Ten tournament to make the dance.  Interestingly enough, Penn State’s profile is very similar to Michigan State’s, so Michigan State could be in the same boat.

Team Win Pct SOS RPI Top 25 Wins RPI Top 50 W-L RPI 51-100 W-L RPI 100+ Losses Road W-L Neutral W-L Conf W-L
Michigan St. 0.5517 0.5923 1 3-9 6-3 1 2-8 2-2 9-9
Penn St. 0.5517 0.5951 1 3-7 5-5 1 3-8 0-0 9-9

Richmond has the worst Strength of Schedule of all the at-large teams under consideration.  Typically, the committee does not reward teams that play such a weak schedule.  The Spiders may have to do some significant damage in the Atlantic 10 tournament.


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