March 3rd Bracket

Southwest East
1 Kansas 1 Ohio St
16 Long Beach St/Sam Houston St 16 Hampton
Tulsa Cleveland
8 George Mason 8 Missouri
9 Georgia 9 Temple
4 San Diego St 4 St Johns
13 Princeton 13 Belmont
Tucson Tucson
5 Connecticut 5 Kentucky
12 Southern Miss/Penn St 12 UCF
3 Syracuse 3 North Carolina
14 Bucknell 14 Vermont
Washington DC Tampa
6 UCLA 6 Cincinnati
11 Utah St 11 Washington
7 Villanova 7 UNLV
10 Florida St 10 Michigan St
Chicago Chicago
2 Purdue 2 Notre Dame
15 Florida Atlantic 15 Kent St
West Southeast
1 Duke 1 Pitt
16 Coastal Carolina/Texas Southern 16 Robert Morris
Charlotte Cleveland
8 Tennessee 8 Xavier
9 Marquette 9 UAB
4 Texas 4 Wisconsin
13 Charleston 13 Missouri St
Tulsa Denver
5 West Virginia 5 Kansas St
12 Gonzaga 12 Butler
3 Georgetown 3 Louisville
14 Iona 14 Oakland
Charlotte Washington DC
6 Vanderbilt 6 Arizona
11 Virginia Tech/Nebraska 11 Boston College
7 Texas A&M 7 Old Dominion
10 Memphis 10 Illinois
Denver Tampa
2 BYU 2 Florida
15 Montana 15 Murray St
In The Mix In Today Out Today By Conference
Oklahoma St Penn St Marshall Big East – 11
Michigan Nebraska Colorado Big 12 – 6
St Marys Kent St Miami (OH) Big Ten – 6
Marshall ACC – 5
Minnesota SEC – 5
Colorado St CUSA – 4
Colorado MWC – 3
Richmond Pac Ten – 3
USC A10 – 2
Drexel CAA – 2


  1. #1 by j.e. on March 3, 2011 - 11:19 AM

    BYU still a 2 seed? Given that they have played no verifiable good teams (SDSU is not verifiable because they play cupcakes all year too), and they have lost to non-tourney teams and they will be missing a key player ( tough break, glad I didnt have to be chaste in college, lol), I believe their ONLY chance at living through the first weekend is to have a one or two seed. I believe the official bracket will have them at a 4 and they will lose the first game.

    • #2 by GJE on March 3, 2011 - 6:49 PM

      It’s always tough to know what the committee will do in these situations. My rankings and seeding are based on mathematical projections of a team’s resume, and I don’t like to make changes based on players not being available during the tournament. I can account for situations where a team has lost a player for a few games, like in the case of Evan Turner last year, but I don’t have anything to go by when the player won’t be playing in March. We’ll see what the committee does in a couple of weeks.

  2. #3 by sammywestside on March 3, 2011 - 2:39 PM

    Where’s Clemson? Don’t think you can penalize them for the loss last night, unlike the bubble teams that lost to bad teams…especially with the shafting they got from the refs

    I think Michigan should be in over Nebraska and Penn State just doesn’t have enough to make it….don’t know how some of the teams “in the mix” are there while Clemson isn’t…

    Then you have Southern Miss and UCF in? Both have taken some bad losses recently if you didn’t see.

    • #4 by GJE on March 3, 2011 - 6:52 PM

      Clemson had a weird fall in the rankings the last couple of days. I’ll have to take a look at why that is tonight. Of course, they have a great chance to improve their position on Saturday against Virginia Tech. I would think a win there would move them back into the field.

      As for the C-USA teams, it’s tough to say how the committee will evaluate these teams. I see that most other bracketologists are discounting the strength of the league since the top teams are not elite, but the conference does have some depth and not a whole lot of easy games. My ranking system may be overvaluing these teams. We’ll see what happens.

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