March 5th Bracket

South Midwest East West
1 Syracuse Kansas Kentucky Kansas St
2 New Mexico Ohio St Duke Purdue
3 Michigan St West Virginia Villanova Pittsburgh
4 Baylor Maryland Wisconsin Vanderbilt
5 Temple Tennessee Butler Georgetown
6 Clemson Texas BYU Texas A&M
7 Marquette Gonzaga Missouri Xavier
8 UTEP Richmond Oklahoma St Northern Iowa
9 Wake Forest Louisville Notre Dame UNLV
10 Florida Virginia Tech Utah St Florida St
11 Rhode Island UAB St Marys California
12 Illinois Washington Old Dominion Georgia Tech
13 Siena Cornell Kent St Murray State
14 Weber St Sam Houston St Wofford Oakland
15 UCSB Belmont Morgan St North Texas
16 Arkansas-PB/Lehigh Stony Brook Quinnipiac Coastal Carolina
In the Mix In Today Out Today By Conference
Mississippi Washington San Diego St Big East – 8
South Florida Big 12 – 7
San Diego St ACC – 7
Connecticut Big 10 – 5
Seton Hall SEC – 4
Mississippi St Atlantic 10 – 4
Arizona St Mountain West – 3
Dayton West Coast – 2
Memphis Conference USA – 2
Charlotte Pac 10 – 2
Cincinnati All Others – 1

  1. #1 by goroshnik on March 5, 2010 - 4:38 PM

    I can’t believe you’ve got Northern Iowa and Notre Dame only one seed line apart. One team won the 9th ranked conference by three games, is 9-1 vs. the RPI top 100, and has an RPI of #20, while the other one has won a grand total of 2 true road games, has an RPI in the mid-60’s, and had only recently gotten their conference record above .500.

    People are giving Notre Dame WAY too much credit… nobody seems to notice that they’ve had no less than TWENTY home games this year. When 17 of your 20 wins are on your home court and you’re still languishing with a bad RPI, I don’t care what conference you’re in – the Irish would be lucky at this point to get an #11 or #12 seed.

    UNI’s gonna get either a #6 or #7 seed… unless the selection committee pulls their anti-MVC bias yet again and downgrade this team unfairly. UNI’s 26-4… let me repeat that… 26-4. They also went 9-3 in true road games. People keep downgrading the MVC despite the fact that they’re currently ranked ahead of 22 other conferences, including the WAC, the West Coast, and C-USA.

  2. #2 by GJE on March 7, 2010 - 2:44 AM

    Thanks for the feedback. For this bracket, I actually had Northern Iowa as a true #7 seed and Notre Dame as a #10, but had to move UNI back and ND up in order to conform to bracket rules. The number of Big East teams in the 2/3 seeds is making it difficult to find room for all the mediocre Big East teams, especially if they fall in the 10/11 seed range. I’ve got a new bracket up, and you can see that UNI and ND are now a 7 and 10 respectively.

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